Oh, December!

I like you! You’re dressed in twinkly lights and Christmas red. People everywhere are celebrating you. You bring travel, events, parties, gifts, retail therapy, friendly get-togethers, holidays, jamborees and surprises galore. 

Some year endings are painful and others come with a surety that what’s coming is pure delight. Many of us sigh with relief that with you … the year comes to a close. We hope that all the unpalatable stuff will get packed in boxes and shipped to the past forever and all the goodies will continue to rain down abundantly. Everyone is looking forward and time is filled with glee and gluttony. 

For some, December is a lonely time. A time when some are acutely reminded of their aloneness. When families are bonding. When friends are connecting over parties or travel. When it’s a time of togetherness all around, just not for all. Some are bracing themselves for a quiet meal, a couple of phone calls, Netflix and self pity. Yet the promise of an untold story, an unblemished canvas of 365 days, beckons everyone.

Hope is December, anticipation and relief. A time to wind down and breathe. To look back and learn. To prepare to move forward with eyes filled with dreams. December is promise. 

A time traveler.


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