Hope in Hell

What is it about the start of the new year that fills everyone with hope?

Is it a new canvas to paint on? A brand new set of 365 days presented to everyone on a platter? The possibility that the road could lead to a more verdant path filled with birds trilling away, a lush undergrowth, sunlight filtering through the leaves of large, tall trees. A road that leads away from the monsters that have tried their best to level us to the ground. I think we use hope and imagination to divert us from the reality that exists towards a future that is infinitely better and promising. We create lists of resolutions to help us on this new path that we promise to forge for ourselves. The eagerness to find a way out of the rut we find ourselves in or to sustain the trajectory of happiness and success that we enjoy and fear losing … a new year gives us the reliable delusion of opportunity.

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