The mind dives, swirls and dances unfettered against the backdrop of bird chatter, rustling leaves and the scent of petrichor. People are starting their day with exercise, laying out their wares on the roadside, walking their dogs, cleaning cars, stretching on their yoga mats, wrapping up their pranayam under a tree in a remote corner of the garden or animatedly discussing the latest political developments.

I’ve always fantasised about waking up early and romanticised the achievements I would pack into the wee hours of the morning. I never did it though except when absolutely necessary or with gusto if I were driving out of the city and wanted to catch the sunrise on the way.

Waking up early has become a part of my routine only over the past three months and the evidence lies in the fact that I cannot stop waxing eloquent about it!

Mornings seem like a happier part of the day. A fresh slate to write on with endless possibilities. Challenges seem conquerable, the mind is sorting through the chores for the day and the chaos of the world has not yet broken through the optimism. It is the best time of the day once you take that all important step of waking up and stepping out, resisting every urge to stay in bed. 

The fresh air and the activity gets the metabolism to wake up and the slow release of endorphins into the blood suddenly make the day seem conquerable. The short exchange of smiles, a quick salutation, a breathless chat fills you with good cheer. 

As Henry David Thoreau put it, ‘An early morning walk is the blessing for the whole day.’

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