Spectacular Skies

I developed a fascination for the sky during the covid lockdown. The initial few months in 2020 at the start of the pandemic when everything came to a standstill, I felt drawn to the window seats in my home. Looking out onto a spectacularly quiet, withdrawn, quarantined world, I witnessed the changing skies.

It was as though the entire universe was going through a cleanse. In the ‘unnatural’ quiet, the birds could be heard chirping, warbling and creating a cacophony of communication while they swirled and soared in the open skies. The sounds of nature suddenly broke through and the outdoors became compellingly attractive.

It was a weird time. People were fearful of becoming prey to the virus. Everyone went into hiding and nature got a brief respite to heal itself from human assault. As the vehicular pollution ceased entirely, the skies began to change. The sunsets were stunning. The colours were dramatic and glorious. Instagram was filled with photos of the spectacular show put on by nature.

My photo gallery of that period will always be a reminder of a time that was bitter sweet and surreal, providing a glimpse into future possibilities for the human race and its symbiotic co-existence with nature.

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