Month: January 2016

Dear Herd,

You know, i would be fine with ‘herd mentality’ if it meant you held a collective belief in pursuing excellence, detail, professionalism, collective good, humanity, etc. Unfortunately, over a period of time i tend to associate you with mediocrity, pontificating, blame games and excuses. A glaring difference is the other’s attention to detail and your lack of it.

We have roads. Why worry if potholes come up ever so often?
We have amazing architecture, so what if our heritage buildings are untended and crumbling?
We have water, so what if its not drinkable in some parts?
We have designer outfits and locally made clothing, so what if its average quality or the colour runs after the first wash or the stitching comes apart?
We have a government, so what if some of them are corrupt or criminals at large or self serving individuals?
We have crime, so do all other countries.
We have entertainment, so what if we don’t have a culture of nurturing all kinds of talent. We are still one the biggest film making countries.
We have mangroves and forests, so what if we are consistently and methodically killing them bit by bit?
We have a vast population of women, so what if a large percentage of them are not encouraged to be educated or financially independent?
We have a large population of children, so what if we cannot provide them with education that makes them thinking, curious adults?
We have a rich tapestry of history, so what if we are hell bent on wiping out its existence?
We have rules and regulations, so what if many of them are outdated and irrelevant today?
We have a population of 1.2 billion people. That is our excuse at all times for the lack of systems, protocol and excellence. The day we harness this resource and bring in a culture of pride and ownership we will see change for the better. 50% of our population is under the age of 25. Our hope. Our future. Till then … kaam toh chal hi raha hai.

With much contempt.